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Basic Info

Network: Betsoft, NetEnt
Support Options: Email, live chat, telephone
Platforms: Mac, Windows
Minimum Deposit: €20
Signup Bonus: €250
No Deposit Bonus: €25



Payment Options

Deposit Options: Bank Wire Transfer, Neteller
Withdrawal Options: Bank Wire Transfer, Neteller

Hits and Misses

  • Live Dealer
  • Mobile Casino
  • Nothing to say

Casino Noir

100% up to €250

Casino Noir is a top internet casino based out of France, however, that does not necessarily tell the whole story of the gaming brand. Casino Noir is available to virtually all internet casino gamers, anyone looking for safe and secure free online casino play, and a host of other fun games need come to the right location.

Found in sunny California, Casino Noir offers a range of free casino games and special promotions, as well as casino games at no cost to players. However, one of the best things about Casino Noir, is that its games are backed by solid casino security technology. In fact, casino security is a big part of the Company’s ethos – which also explains why they are able to offer such a wide variety of casino games to their users.


One of the leading online gambling destinations

Casino Noir has developed an exceptional reputation as one of the leading online gambling destinations. Their website is consistently rated among the best in the world for user experience and overall satisfaction. Not only do their games offer a fun experience, but also offer great bonuses and exclusive VIP privileges. There are also a number of loyalty schemes and other unique benefits being offered to clients. As well as offering free slots, roulette and video poker, they also have a range of other bonuses and promotions.

noir casino

One of the key things about Casino Noir, is that they offer great customer support. They have strong customer support teams that are ready to help any potential casino novices or gamers that might be having problems. These highly skilled personnel are always on hand to help, and they are also located throughout the world so that customer support is always possible, even if the customer is playing at a different location. In addition to their strong customer support, they also have a wealth of other benefits, including a large number of free games and casino bonuses.

One of the best features of Casino Noir, is their live chat services. With over 800 members, and an unmatched customer support system, they are the ultimate online casino. Their live chat service offers users the opportunity to chat with casino war veterans and new players alike, all of whom are eager to lend a helping hand.


The benefits of joining Casino Noir

It is that they give players the chance to play free casino games. Some of these games include; roulette, slots, blackjack and much more. Although some of these games require a membership, they are certainly a wonderful way for beginners to get a feel for the gaming world online. If you happen to be somebody who enjoys online casinos, then Casino Noir has got you covered. It is definitely worth the few dollars that you may have to pay to access their live gaming servers.

The benefits of joining Casino NoirOnline casino now offers players free incentives and bonus codes. In fact, you can find literally hundreds of different codes that you can redeem when you log into their casino. Many of these codes will give you free money, and others will award you with points toward shopping in their online store. These bonuses and incentive programs are what make casino noir so appealing.

Players can also earn free money by making their deposit. As with the deposit bonus, bonuses can be earned in many ways. Just like traditional casinos, you can earn money by making your deposit, but there are even more attractive ways to earning. First, many players can earn by making their first deposit. With a casino no deposit bonus, you get double the money that you deposited.

As long as you meet the required accounting requirements, you can earn double or triple your deposit bonus. Additionally, some players can receive bonus points simply by making their first deposit. You can also receive a point based on your total deposits over time. With all of these incentives and benefits, you should consider playing at a casino or instead of one of the other online casinos that offer you a lot less.

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