Zeus 2

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Zeus 2 casino game is a fresh adaptation of this popular first version, which launched in 1998. Players interact with an old-fashioned classical theme, using classic symbols, depicting the life of Greek gods in mythical form. The setting is created by Zeus image, which is a scatter pattern of dice symbols, representing the game. This symbol is used as an icon on the sides of every player’s computer’s screen, and his symbol appears again whenever a player takes a single roll or tries to take an action during a game.

A new twist on the design of this popular computer game was introduced around 2021, when the game received a complete revamp, including new icons, a new theme, and, naturally, a new game mode – Story mode. Unlike the first version, players do not start playing as Greek god like characters. Instead, you start the game as Athena, the goddess of wisdom and arts, who is helping her son, Zeus, fight against the monsters threatening Greece. You help Zeus win the war by equipping him with the strongest allies in the Greek army, the mighty warrior Ajax and the winged Phoenix. In this version of a Zeus 2 slot machine, you are not allowed to re-roll any dice, and you have only two possible actions to perform during each game session, either making a move or waiting for the re-roll to be carried out.

This means that you have to carefully consider which action would benefit you the most, keeping in mind the re-roll cost and the effects of delaying your action. You can buy additional jackpot coins from the in-game shop, but they will cost you real money, and so you should use them wisely, playing the bonus rounds only for the jackpots. If luck is on your side and a multiple of one is achieved, then the extra jackpot will be yours for the taking, provided that you have a maximum amount of money deposited into the account. Otherwise, you will have to wait until the next game update, where the jackpot will again be increased and you may try for a golden chance to bag a huge amount of money. So, get ready to have some fun this Halloween by playing Zeus 2 slot machine, an enjoyable game in which you can forget about your problems and merely have fun.

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