Volts and bolts

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In this online casino game you need to know the basics of the Volts And Bolts. This five-reel, fifty-dollar slot machine is where you can win big wins of up to 1,000of your bet. This game has a mad scientist building his latest creation, and where in all probability you could claim huge wins. The Volts and Bolts online slot are owned by Williams Interactive, (WS) and has some great video game-effects, with some 3D -effects. You can see the lightning striking the machines and also hear the scientist explain the science behind it. The audio tracks are very catchy and interesting.

The Volts and Bolts bonus features are not explained in the game itself but we are shown how to trigger the special scenes, by clicking on one of the symbols displayed on the screen. In this game, there are two symbols, and if you win while playing with only one symbol, you would automatically claim a million dollar jackpot. Also winning with two symbols will earn you three millions, and four symbols and you would get a whopping seven million! You can play this game for two hours in a day and win much money when you hit the right symbols.

This is actually an innovative spin-off from the highly successful Blackjack slot games. In Volts and Bolts, the slots are replaced by jokers and the game revolves around a science fiction theme where a mad scientist creates unbelievable devices out of apparently ordinary materials. You have to choose between four symbols and place your bet before the reels start spinning. When you click on a symbol displayed on the computer screen, you are transported to a particular scene, where the mad scientist is working on the latest experiment – which turns out to be a riddle.

The objective in this game is to figure out what the symbols are, and also how to interpret these symbols into an English word. After you win a certain amount of money from your bets, you are allowed to try other combinations, which will increase your points and depending on the game, your multiplier. Each time you win, you are leveled up and your multiplier increases. There are two types of levels in Volts and Bolts – the basic, “Level I” where you receive just the same prizes as the basic game, and “Level II” which include additional prize money, additional spin, and a lifetime max jackpot prize.

Basically, you play Volts and Bolts by placing your bets on the appropriate symbols on the reels. For instance, you might choose the symbol “A”. Then, when the reels spin, you choose the corresponding symbol. For example, if you have placed your bet on “A”, you will have to spin the reels in order to get “B”. Then, if you have placed your bet on “C”, you would then have to rotate the symbols on the reels in order to get “D”. You would continue alternating symbols until you have reached “E”, the maximum number of symbols that can appear on a single reel.

To win the game, you must pay close attention to the wms. Basically, the wms show whether or not a winning combination is possible. The wms displays the colors green and red for diamonds, yellow and orange for spades, and black and red for hearts. All symbols are represented as numbers instead of words. If the symbols on the reels to match the numbers displayed on the wms, the win is a win, and you’ve just pulled off your first ever online slot win!

In Volts And Bolts, winning is all about strategy. It takes time and practice to know when to trade your current line and when to lay a new, higher combination. For example, if you’re playing with a full set of four coins, you should play the reels out for as long as possible before switching to your fifth symbol. When you’ve finally ended up with a winning combination, double check to see that the symbol on the last reel is a heart, and not a diamond.

This fun game is available for free as an iPhone application. Instead of using the usual four capital letters A through Z, you use your finger on the screen to select a letter. You then rotate your finger over the screen so that the corresponding letter appears, and then bang! The corresponding icon appears, and the game ends. You can also play a version where you use your finger as the payline!

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