Kronos unleashed

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Kronos Unleashed is a spectacular sequel to the very popular original Kronos slot machines, now released by WMS. In this new Kronos Unleashed slot guide, you’ll discover a full overview of this addictive slot game.

In Kronos Unleashed, players take control of both Kronos and Aesculapius, gods of fortune and war, respectively. They must combine their special skills and powers in order to defeat an enemy and gain the upper hand in this casino slot game. Placed on the original slot machine location, players can expect to see classic, casino type graphics that resemble the times when black and white cardboard were used for slot machine designs. Sound effects are also characteristic of this time, with thunderous clanging and the occasional bursting of spell scroll sounds as well. In short, this game has a classic, old-world appeal to it that is exciting and appealing to many casino goers.

One way to enhance the overall excitement of Kronos Unleashed is to increase its jackpot amounts. There are four different jackpots in this downloadable mobile slot game and each of these offers a maximum of two hundred and forty dollars in prizes. Players may also partake in special casino bonuses, which may include free spins of the Roulette wheel or other various casino promotional codes.

This slot machine game comes complete with a variety of colorful icons that represent common game play icons. Some of these icons include: lightning rests, lightning strikes, thunder, and the familiar slot symbols of a green circle, a light blue square, a red triangle, and a black X. These icons can be pressed in order to produce specific patterns in the reels, such as a rainbow sequence, or by looking at the symbols on the reels to determine if they will result in a payout. When all of the icons have been pressed, a variety of symbols fly across the screen from left to right. When all of these symbols hit the reels in a straight line, this is an indication that a winning combination has been selected.

This high quality electronic game offers a unique control scheme in which the reels are colored light blue, green, red, and silver. When a button labeled “Kronos” is depressed, this changes the color scheme of the reels, and the symbols displayed change as well. This is an innovative method of controlling this downloadable slot game, and many experts recommend using it for increasing player confidence in their abilities to read the symbols on the reels. The same method can be used to discern which symbols constitute a win in the game, and the appearance of the game in its various forms allows players to distinguish the different game results. For instance, one result can be displayed as “Kronos”, while another result can be displayed as a “reward”.

The best way to master this highly skillful game is to memorize the nine symbol sequences used in order to earn points, and the five basic symbols used to spin reels. Memorizing the entire process of playing this highly challenging game can be accomplished by practicing the game on a computer or through watching an instructional video. In about ten to fifteen minutes, a person can master the basic steps required to play this game, and they can increase their winning chances by mastering the process of memorizing the nine-symbol pattern, selecting the symbols to place them on the reels, and watching for the symbols to appear when the “Kronos” button is depressed. In only a short time, this method will allow players to be on top of their game, and they will be able to enter the real world spins of Kronos Unleashed.

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