Double gem

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If you are looking for a unique slot game, you should try the Double Gem slot. This online game combines two different slot games into one colorful game. The game uses a soundtrack to go along with the jewel theme, and the bonus features of each game make for a fun and exciting experience. The Superbet Game Feature replaces the standard gem symbols with rectangle shapes. If you land on three or more of the same color, you win! The top paying symbol in the game is the red gem, which pays 500 coins.

When matching the same symbols on a winning pay line, you will win a prize commensurate to their face value. The highest value symbols can fall out on every reel and award the player with the highest payout. Double Gem is available in popular casinos as well as online. To play the game, all you need to do is load the game and press the spin button. Learn more about slot machines in our online slots guide. You can also find out how to win in Double Gem.

The game is compatible with all kinds of devices and is mobile-friendly. Double Gem works on PCs, iPads, iPhones, Android, WM7, and WP8. The graphics and sound effects are crisp and the overall design is amazing. You can even play the game on a small screen. If you’re looking for a mobile slot game with a high variance, try Double Gem. It’s an excellent choice for casual players.

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